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Trading Triple Leveraged Natural Gas ETF 3x

The volatility in natural gas prices is a fertile ground for traders as profit opportunities abound. While natural gas is believed by many to be the energy source of the future in the US, short term supply and demand fundamentals remain highly cyclical. Remember that until export facilities come into play, this commodity remains landlocked [...]

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2x natural gas etf

Double Market Exposure with a Natural Gas ETF 2x

While many believe in the long term future of natural gas as an energy source, it will remain a volatile commodity in the short run until export facilities come online starting in 2015. Natural gas demand has been highly cyclical depending on the weather, economic growth and power consumption. Supplies on the other hand have [...]

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Leveraged ETFs: Double Oil Stock ETF for Trading Oil & Gas Stocks

Proshares provides 2 leveraged Oil & Gas Stock ETFs giving you a 2x long and short exposure to the Dow Jones Oil & Gas Index. The index is about 75% weighted to Oil and Gas Producers and 25% weighted to oil equipment, Services and Distribution.  Both funds were introduced in January of 2007; they are [...]

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Leveraged ETFs: Turbo Charged Trading with a 3x Oil Stock ETF

When a double oil stock ETF is not enough, you can always move up to a triple leveraged oil stock ETF. At this point, you better know what you’re doing. While trading leveraged ETFs can be very rewarding, you need to understand the risks associated with using leverage. These 3x ETFs are not fit for [...]

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Double Oil ETF – Leveraged ETF List for Oil Trading

A leveraged ETF magnifies your exposure to an index for the same amount of money. It’s the perfect vehicle to get more exposure for fewer dollars! The following list covers double long oil ETFs and double short oil ETFs as they are the tools you can use for capitalizing on the volatility of oil prices. [...]

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